<h1>Welcome to the Henkel team!</h1>

We are very pleased that you will join us soon.

Beginning a new job is always exciting and challenging, and you probably have many questions in your head.
To answer some of them before you officially start, you can check out our New Employee Welcome Set (NEWS) and our Code of Conduct.

Our NEWS is specially tailored for all our new employees to help you better understand Henkel as an organization and an employer.

Additionally, our Code of Conduct provides guidance for the behaviour and actions of our employees in all business areas and cultures in which we operate and have the status of internal laws.

On your first day in Henkel, you will also get access to exciting eLearnings, short videos, helpful documents, and useful links; everything you need to make your journey at Henkel easier, more enjoyable, and more productive!

In the meantime, if you have received any additional documents that you are advised to review, please do so. The information is important to help you settle in within your specific region or department.

Looking forward to having you on board soon!

Your Henkel Team